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No Nukes Protest!! Protest calling for Noda’s Resignation!!
Come to Shinjuku on Sunday, July 1!!!!

The press conference will be on Friday, June 29. All details follow below.

We can’t take it anymore!! Shame on you Noda!! Stop messing around!!!!!!!!

Prime Minister Noda’s press conference on June 8th about restarting the reactors was a travesty! Who’s he trying to fool?! In the aftermath of the disaster last year, we learned so much about nuclear reactors and the horrors of nuclear radiation. We were also finally awakened to how Japanese society had been based on a culture of turning a blind eye to danger in the name of money and special interest groups. For more than a year now, the opinion of the people of Japan has been overwhelmingly in favor of ceasing the use of nuclear power. Because of this, Japan has been completely free of it since May 5, with all the reactors finally offline.

And yet, Prime Minister Noda came out and said he had decided to restart them! Not only that! He even upended the government policy of moving away from dependence on nuclear power, declaring that the use of the plants would continue!!! After the extreme suffering and the subsequent myriad debates we’ve been involved in beginning last year and continuing up until now, how could Noda ignore all that and try to revert Japan back to a rotting society where nothing ever changes?

With 70-80% of the population against nuclear power, and the wheels already in motion with so many people already dedicated to accomplishing this goal, who does this Noda guy think he is?

Come to the demonstration on Sunday calling for Noda’s resignation and an end to nuclear power!!!!!!!

Statement for Prime Minister Noda Resignation Demand  (written by Kojin Karatani)

At a press conference held on June 8, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda stated that since the safety of the Oi nuclear plant has been assured, he had decided to reactivate the nuclear reactors. However, the safety of the Oi nuclear plant is quite dubious. In the first place, the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is still extremely dangerous.  Yet, the government has been concealing information regarding the actual conditions at the plant. In addition, the government’s campaign that there will be electricity shortages without nuclear power has already been proven false. Public opinion polls show that more than 70% of people are opposed to restarting the nuclear reactors.

In this situation, Prime Minister Noda’s claim that it is for the “lives of people” to restart the nuclear reactors is a blatant deception. What he actually means here is that he is willing to sacrifice the “lives of people”

in order to meet the demands of the “nuclear lobby” (in other words, the capital=state complex). Such mindset is displayed also in the amendment to the Atomic Energy Basic Law, which was forced through the Diet without any debate.

In particular, the clause which states that the “safe use” of nuclear power “aims to contribute to our national security” is the first public manifestation that true motive for nuclear restarts lies in “nuclear weapons”.

Thus Prime Minister Noda has openly declared expanding utilization of nuclear power, instead of learning lessons from the nuclear disaster since 3.11.

Therefore, we demand the resignation of Prime Minister Noda, who ignores peoples’ will and threatens their safety.

*****Press Conference:*****

Friday, June 29

3PM Registration begins
4- 5PM Press conference

Location:  Japan Publisher’s Club (Nihon Shuppan Club)
6 Fukuromachi, Shinjku 160-0022
2 minutes walk from Toei Oedo Line Ushigome Kagurazaka stop Exit A2
Tel. 03-3267-6111


Sunday, July 1
Location: Shinjuku Chuo Park

Please check the link below for updates. There is also a map of the route

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